TOEIC Practice Test

TOEIC Practice Test

Story 1: John works as a manager at a large corporation. He usually starts his day with a meeting with his team to discuss the tasks for the day. Today, John has a meeting with a potential client who is interested in their new product line. John prepares a presentation and makes sure all the necessary materials are ready. After the meeting, he reviews the sales reports and plans for the upcoming quarter. John believes that clear communication and good preparation are keys to successful management.

1. What does John do first in his day?

2. What is John meeting with the potential client about?

3. What does John believe are keys to successful management?

Story 2: Lisa is a marketing specialist at a tech company. She is responsible for creating advertising campaigns and analyzing market trends. Recently, Lisa launched a successful social media campaign that increased the company’s online presence significantly. She is now working on a new strategy to engage more with their target audience through interactive content. Lisa enjoys her job because it allows her to be creative and see the direct impact of her work.

4. What is Lisa’s job title?

5. What did Lisa’s recent social media campaign achieve?

6. Why does Lisa enjoy her job?

Story 3: Michael is a software developer at a startup. His team is currently working on a new mobile application that aims to improve productivity for remote workers. Michael’s role involves coding the application, debugging issues, and collaborating with the design team to ensure a user-friendly interface. The project is on a tight deadline, so Michael often works late into the night. Despite the long hours, he finds the work rewarding because he is passionate about technology and enjoys solving complex problems.

7. What is Michael’s job title?

8. What is the purpose of the new mobile application?

9. Why does Michael find his work rewarding?

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