TOEIC Practice Test

TOEIC Practice Test

1. What does the word “admonish” mean?

2. Which of the following is NOT a synonym for “exceed”?

3. Which word is the opposite of “sparse”?

4. What is the plural form of “datum”?

5. What is the past tense of “lead”?

6. Complete the sentence: “If I ___ you, I would apologize.”

7. Which sentence is correct?

8. Choose the correct conjunction: “I wanted to go out, ___ it was raining.”

9. What is the plural form of “child”?

10. Choose the correct word: “She sings ___.”

11. The concert starts at 7 PM, so we should ___ at 6:30 PM.

12. The company’s new policy was ___ by all employees.

13. She is one of the most ___ people I know.

14. The train ___ before we got to the station.

15. If I ___ enough money, I would travel the world.

16. She is looking forward to ___ her family this weekend.

17. He ___ to the gym every day.

18. Which word is an antonym for “hot”?

19. The book is ___ than the magazine.

20. She ___ a new car last week.

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